Language Training

ABSV hosts at its registered partners who specialize in language training for companies.

They are offered training courses aimed at developing the four skills (Speaking – Listening – Writing – Reading) targeted to acquire fluency in conversation with special reference to the specific issues of different companies (government, commercial, manufacturing, etc.)..

The main objectives of our courses are:

– Write reports in a clear and understandable way.

– Present activitity or explain particular situations.

– Sustaining a conversation to work with accuracy.

– Talking on the phone effectively.

– Participate in meetings in an international context.

– Negotiating with foreign customers.

We offer customized packages of 50, 80 0105 hours in individual classes, double 0 with 4-6 students, we propose a continuous bi-weekly frequency every other day at our office or the customer during working hours, lunchtime or evening.

Our hourly rates are between the eura 25.00 per hour + VAT (for multiple classes and / or packages) and eura 30.00 per hour + VAT (for private lessons and individual).

We also offer translation services and interpretation, making use of specialists in their fields. The translation service is offered ltaly to English, French, German, Spanish, and of course by this language to I’ltaliano.