Funding for training

ABSV  can prepare and deliver training plans suitable with the directives of the Fondi Interprofessionali per la

formazione continua (Fondimpresa, For.Te., Fondirigenti, Funds,

etc..) and to support the Customer in:

* Choice of Fund membership and activation at the same actuator body.

* Management of the types of financing

* Performance of the bureaucracy.

* Management of all atttvità provided by fundings

* Definition of training plans to be proposed for funding. The training plans can also cover issues of interest for the client (security, professional training, behavioral) other than language training.

Through the facilities offered by the FONDI INTERPROFESSIONALI PER LA FORMAZIONE CONTINUA (Conto Formazione e Conto Sistema) ABSV proposes, initiates and operates at no cost to the client company, and mandatory training programs on topics most requested by companies such as:

* The security issues related to certification or mandatory (and video workstations, fire, suspended loads, first aid, etc.).

* The environmental issues ranging from pollution in the workplace, in the disposal of waste materials, the risks of exposure

* Training for certification BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

* Training system safety prevention (for a contribution INAIL)

* The basic IT (European patent)

* Language training

* The updating of the certification / specialization (personal or business)

* The management of processes and methodologies for continuous improvement (six sigma, ISO, etc.).